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Alternative Earth: How to Write POC Characters



Anon asked: So i’m writing an alternate earth story that includes only of native american, hispanic, african, middle eastern, and others possibly, depending on each character. All I ask is 1) In general, how do I describe them so that the reader kinda…

I’m going to be on the defensive here: Why not?

I am doing something similar to anon, and I don’t think anything is wrong with it. Why ‘shouldn’t we?

Now me personally, I am basing my characters fictional races on actual ones/ethnic groups; Latinos, Native Americans, etc and I want to make a world where  they are basically a fictional representation of said races/ethnic groups. Very much like Avatar The Last Airbender, which their fictional races represent Asian ethnic groups. I see no white, black, hispanic etc on ATLA.

Awesome. I swear I’m going to download all these songs and put em in my library…. one day :I